untold capacity.
ultimate control.

Through years of experience PAT-Krüger has grown into a reliable market leader of sensor systems with a secure service organization. Delivering self-developed and high-quality innovative solutions for safety and control that are being applied in various markets. Installed and serviced by our highly experienced and driven work force.

There’s an untold capacity when it comes to the amount of PAT-Krüger systems that have been installed worldwide. An untold capacity in technical knowledge and experience that we have gathered by servicing all such ’legacy’ systems. And there’s an untold capacity in our development of tailor-made sensor systems. Giving you ultimate control of your heavy duty machinery.

Sensor Systems

For the last four decades PAT-Krüger has developed and installed sensor systems for safety and control. Like Load Moment Indicators, control systems, weighing systems, large number displays, tracing and camera systems. Systems that intelligently connect measurements, calculations and control. Handling force, angle, length, pressure and so much more. Constantly seeking technical limits. To secure them.

Secure Service

To secure safety and control we are willing to go to the extreme. In our opinion there is no limit to finding your limits. We have amassed an advanced knowledge of sensor systems and an extensive stock of spare parts. And combined it with a strong will power to get the job done. Even when that job demands unlimited hurry. Even when it’s on the other side of the world. After all, to secure your operational capacity you need secure service.

Our operating markets

  • Challenging environments

    All heavy industry sites need Load Moment Indicators in their every day workflow. Like Steelworks, ship repair and heavy equipment on construction sites. PAT-Krüger mostly delivers crane safety systems, guiding systems and observation systems.


  • Servicing mobility by rail

    Time is evident in Rail. Servicing this part of the industry normally asks for a quick response and clever solutions in safety indicator systems. PAT-Krüger has a lot of experience in sensor systems that railway constructions need.


  • For owners and rental companies

    PAT-Krüger has grown into a reliable market leader of crane safety systems, in particular mobile cranes. Owners, rental companies and small OEM’s all count on our experience for their most complex safety systems.


  • About infrastructural networks

    Smart safety crane systems are very much needed at road, pipeline and cable network construction sites (for building and repairs). Our engineers take care of developing, replacing, repairing and adjusting (parts of) complete safety systems.


  • From the land to the water. And back.

    At ports and shipyards, PAT-Krüger is known as a reliable partner for constructive thinking in creating the best solutions. Always aiming for maximum productivity, clearest views, safest indicators and the most profound service.


  • Forty years of experience on the shelf

    Besides complete solutions PAT-Krüger has a varied assortment of (older) parts such as sensors (force, push, pull, length, angle, incline, telemetry, temperature, wind etcetera), SCK lamps, A2B switches and more. Securing the best service possible.


  • Used to rough conditions

    PAT-Krüger is quite at home in heavy duty environments which makes offshore and dredging to one of our specialisms (owning all necessary certificates). From LMI and limiter systems for offshore cranes to monitoring systems for storage tanks.


  • Heavy duty at sea

    Control, safety and monitoring systems at sea require special attention because of varying weather conditions and various environmental factors. PAT-Krüger delivers sensor systems for deck cranes and all kinds of assembly equipment.


Getting the right angle in our approach


Know the metrics

We offer a variety of sensors for almost every crane, heavy duty machinery or special tailor-made safety and control applications. From force and pressure transducers to anti two block switches. From angle transducers to anemometers. We know the metrics.


Do the math

Sensors alone don’t make a system. You need to do the math. We boost your logical output with in house developed robust controllers like C‑Pro or DS130 and even supply dedicated systems to process the sensor output. Connecting sensors to software with HMI for additional control.


Transfer the results

The results of data processing (by sensors and indicators) can have both digital and analogue output. PAT-Krüger will complete all sensor systems with the output you need to secure control at any time.

Our offices

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  • PAT-Krüger systems Ltd.
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  • PAT-Krüger systems ME
  • P.O. Box No. 61162
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  • Jebel Ali, Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates

We always love a challenge. We live for it.

In forty years of operating in various markets with different safety systems (LMI, CSS, RCI, RCL) we, at PAT-Krüger, have enriched ourselves with in-depth knowledge and practical experience. To develop our own unique sensor system to handle almost any challenge in safety and control. Put us to the test.

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